April 1 – 7 Forecast: The Fool – Initiation and Publicly Stepping on the Banana Peel

03 Apr
April 1 – 7 Forecast: The Fool – Initiation and Publicly Stepping on the Banana Peel

A note about the forecast: So much is happening this month that my head wants to explode with all the monthly items it is now trying desperately to contain and organize. It seems that every month I vow to make this forecast shorter and easier to access and each month it gets bigger in spite of my best efforts. Then today as I was writing it up during Mercury retrograde and in a Lunar void the whole thing disappeared! All that writing down the drain even though I was sure I backed it up. I sighed and just embraced the idea that it went away because I needed to rethink how I was doing it. I then decided it would be better for me and for you the reader if I switched to a weekly format. That way we can all take smaller bites of my sheer brilliance and depth of insight. šŸ˜‰ I breathed a sigh of relief and began to prepare the beautiful organic artichokes Christopher had brought home from the Ashland Co-op as a grounding and centering exercise and then headed back into my office to start back in on this report. I opened the document and it looked as I had last seen it with most of the text missing but the moment I began to continue composing it the rest of the text magically re-appeared! Seems the cosmos was satisfied I had decided to do it a different way and thought better of penalizing me any further. Slip and rebalance, fall and recovery. I sniff a theme in the making. Here’s the forecast for the first week of April 2011

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The Story of the Fool:
The Fool is off on a journey of discovery! All earthly possessions in one small pack the Fool is traveling to parts unknown. Having just taken a long smell from the rose of all possibilities with head full of dreams, visions, questions, wonder and excitement the Fool doesn’t notice that the cliff edge rapidly approaches. Behind, the dog is barking trying to get the Fool’s attention or perhaps is barking with laughter over what is about to happen. Will the Fool come out of reverie long enough to notice and correct or will it be too late?

The first card or the last in the Major Arcana depending on what deck you look at(or both, in my opinion) The fool is all about possibility. The bag on the staff shows the Fool as having all he or she needs to do or be anything desired, one only has to come to a destination and unpack. It is a card of new beginning. The growl of danger exists in it as well. While it’s sublime to be entranced with visions, dreams, and ideas all around you, excited by all that could be, you still gotta watch your step, or you can take a big public fall from grace. On the other hand the Fool may be just as likely to fall into a bed of 4-leaf clovers and be serendipitously enriched as well. In a way it’s all about trust. Each time we come to a completion in our lives we once again become the Fool and move into the unknown adventure of life trusting or fearing what is ahead.

The Stew:
After last month’s shake-ups are you ready for a break from the changes going on inside you, with your friends and family, and across the planet? Don’t look for it in April! Another month of issues and action with the challenge being how to keep yourself centered amongst all the change and revelation. It’s all about perception. As one of my favorite teachers, Bashar, likes to say “Circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters”, “Life is meaningless, our reactions and judgments give it meaning”. Being able to surrender to and embrace what comes our way rather than focusing on what we have or might lose leads us naturally to a calm place of perfect abundance. On the other hand if focusing on loss and suffering is feeling really juicy to you then by all means focus away. Once you focus long and hard enough you’ll be ready for something new and April is all about NEW! First a tasty sip of some Astrological stew.

Let’s Eat:
This month we have a huge stellium(gathering) of planets in the sign of Aries. During the month the Sun and Moon (new moon April 3) will join with Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, a retrograde Mercury, and later in the month Venus in the Cardinal fire sign of the up-front, action-oriented, and hard-headed ram, warrior, pioneer, new beginnings, passion, initiation, and naivete. There will be multiple conjunctions and combinations of fast, explosive, and expansionary planets so it may be a month where the urge to taking action before fully thinking things out may be the rule rather than the exception. Luckily Saturn, planet of growth through restriction, slowing down, and boundaries, is keeping an energetic leash on this action from the opposite point in Libra while Mercury traveling retrograde is urging us to rethink, reframe, review, revise and not be so linear in thought or action. It will help but may not be enough to really offset all the springtime drive to start new things and forge ahead. Like the Fool our call will be to keep our feet firmly on the ground while going into new territory without falling off the cliff. Unless you enjoy that falling through space thing. During this month we can see the helical rise (when a planet first becomes visible again after conjunction with the sun) of Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars all in the sign of Aries again emphasizing the warrior energy. We can choose whether the energy flows into war for it’s own sake or whether we wish to be warriors of love for ourselves, each other and the planet. With Mars and Uranus making a conjunction in this sign it’s likely accidents involving moving too fast will manifest in our inner and outer worlds. There are likely to be very public slips on the banana peel this month. Try to enjoy the slapstick even if it’s you who takes the fall. As if this isn’t enough during the month Neptune will also change signs for the first time in 14 years and move into it’s home sign of Pisces. Neptune hasn’t been in Pisces since April 13, 1861 and each time it does come back into it’s own sign there is a spiritual wave that sweeps the planet. Hopefully this compassionate and idealistic energy can help to dissolve the boundaries between us and encourage us all to begin to heal the planet over the next 14 years. While this energy could also involve themes of disillusionment, feeling lost, and suffering ultimately even these can be strong forces for getting us to see the big picture more clearly and gaining greater alignment with our spiritual side and purpose.

First Course: April 1 – 7
Beginning the theme of the Fool this month is the fact that April 1 is actually April Fool’s day and April 1 begins the most long-lasting and significant Human Design Aspect of this(or any other) month. Jupiter continues it’s journey through the Heart(willpower, ego) center and activates Gate/Hexagram 51 of Shock or The Arousing composed of Thunder in both lower and upper trigrams. I like this quote from Hua-Ching Ni’s translation of The I-Ching about shock. “Although the generation of all life is dependent on the harmonious integration of elements within the natural world, shock is sometimes necessary to disrupt complacency and inertia. The purpose of Thunder in our lives is to arouse and awaken us. As a symbol of awakening, Thunder can be manifested by one’s teacher, parents, a natural phenomenon, or one’s own inner being. In all stages of development, people need the force of Thunder”. With Jupiter there it promises to be a big one but also one that ultimately will lead to our greater expansion!

When Jupiter moves into this gate it also hooks up a channel from the Heart to Gate/Hexagram 25 in the Self(direction, purpose, and higher love) center through the planet Uranus. Gate/Hexagram 25 is called by some the Innocence, The Unexpected, Without Falsehood, or the Unsuspecting. It occupies another one of the love gates in the self center and represents the love of all things, Universal Love. With rabble-rouser Uranus in this Hexagram until the end of May we may find ourselves and the world being called on to be more authentically true to who and what we are at our core regardless of what outside events seem to dictate. No matter what we give lip service to this is a time our walk matches our talk and we may look into the mirror and find many surprises greeting us when we see just exactly who is staring back. This is a revolutionary placement for Uranus to be in and I feel a strong connection to the recent revolutionary tide sweeping Tunisia, Egypt and other places. The U.S. itself may be strongly challenged around the perceived hypocrisy of it’s claims of democracy and freedom and at the same time having such close ties and backroom deals with so many authoritarian tyrant. Worldwide we are being called to awaken to our own bright and unique individuality and to trust our own inner truth more than anything be broadcast at us from the outside.

The 25-51 makes up a channel that is often referred to as a channel of initiation and sometimes the shaman’s channel. Certainly it indicates that we will all be involved in a shamanic process that will take us from one place and deliver us to a whole new state of being. This Channel will stay activated for almost the entire month(until April 28) so it seem unlikely any will escape the shamanic journey the universe has planned for us here. Would any of us really want to avoid it anyway? The shocks delivered to the ego, willpower, and our desires will help to awaken us to higher levels of consciousness and call us into greater inner alignment with who we truly are and where we really need to be going. Trust and release your expectations and fears, be in love, embrace what is, and be who you truly are in the moment.

The Ingredients:
On April 3rd we have Sun and Moon joining together for a New Moon in 13 degrees of Aries which carries the sabian symbol image of “A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman”. Will a natural threat bring us closer to each other for protection? Are we being called to bring the sacred masculine and feminine together in union and thereby activate the rising kundalini energy? Are we in a B-grade horror flick or in the garden with our pet snake? All that and more is up for grabs with this new moon initiation. The new moon occurs in the Heart center of the Human Design chart in Gate/Hexagram 21 of Biting Through, Gnawing, Eradicating, or Control. Do we need to control everything in our lives? Are there others who might be able to handle some of our perceived work and free us up for greater ease? What can we let go of and turn over to a higher or more experienced authority that satisfies our need for independence but also makes it easier for us and perhaps better for everyone else too? Something to consider in the days before this new moon and then make your intentions known to the gods to activate this monthly initiation. I always think that when we release control from our lives the gods smile upon us and say to each other “Look at that small human there, she is letting go of her small plans, let’s make some big ones for her now that she isn’t so busy”… Something to experiment with if you haven’t already.

From April 1 through the 4th the Sun is in the Heart center shining it’s light on Gate/Hexagram 21(see above paragraph for description of 21) while the Earth is finding grounding in the Spleen center(health, wellbeing, intuition, instinct, fear, filtration and toxicity) deep in Gate/Hexagram 48 of the Well, the Abysmal, or Replenishing. Digging deep to draw up the greatest inspiration and inner knowing and keeping yourself well-hydrated with good, clean (and hopefully non-radioactive) water will be very helpful. Then on the 5th the sun joins Jupiter in Gate/Hexagram 51 of Shock while the Earth calls us to find our grounding through the inner knowing that speaks in a small soft voice from Gate/Hexagram 57 of the Gentle also in the Spleen and perhaps the single most intuitively sensitive gate in the entire chart.

April 1 – 7 Mercury is traveling retrograde through the Sacral(sexual energy, life-force, raw creativity, intimacy) center in Gate/Hexagram 42 of Increase. I really like Mercury going retrograde in this gate as it gives us time in this month of activation to really go within and reconsider, reframe, reorient, and redirect our ideas of what we would like to have more of in our lives. Increase on it’s own is neither good nor bad as there are as many things that it is wise to have less of as there are to have more of. It is a time to consider what good qualities of ours we would like to nurture, fertilize, and grow while at the same time weeding out the non-productive and possibly invasive pests to make room for this new growth. Mercury retrograde is often a very productive time for those born with it retrograde in their natal charts while it is a productive time for the rest of us to go within and do things of a non-linear bent. Trying to zoom along the straight line may not have much support during this time. Relax and be cultivate flexibility.

Venus is in Solar Plexus(emotions) center in Gate/Hexagram 37 of Family or Household from the 1st until the 6th indicating a time of increased receptivity, attraction, and sensitivity towards our family and those who enter into our personal quarters. This is a good time to be mindful of who you invite in and why and notice what feelings are coming up for you when they are there. Family can be the greatest of support but also when Family is toxic to us there is no law telling us we must continue to let them into our lives and emotions. Family can be blood relations or the family we create through our lives by our connections with those who resonate with us on the same frequency. If there is leftover damage from our childhoods impeding our relationships this is a good time to spend some gentle clean-out time with yourself both comforting that child you once were and realizing that now you are the one with the power in your life and you can supply the unconditional love you needed so much. On the 6th Venus shifts into the Crown(divine inspiration) center and Gate/Hexagram 63 of Already Fulfilled or After Completion. It sounds good doesn’t it? That great feeling you have when a project is completed and you are done and yet it also implies a certain kind of doubt. Was it good enough? Could I have improved it? Did it mean anything? What’s next? With Venus here we can take a deep breath and use her blessings to attract an answer that will be both beautiful and useful.

Mars spends the week joining up with Uranus in the Self center in Gate/Hexagram 25. Astrologically they conjunct within hours of the new moon in 1 degree of Aries whose image is “A Comedian Reveals Human Nature”. There is more Fool energy at work with this conjunction of two planets that like to speed things up and experiment. The fact that they also happen in the hexagram of Innocence shouts out to me loudly “Watch out for that banana peel, Oops!”. I can’t wait to see what happens within the real of the public official. Anyone want to take bets on an international diplomatic incident or public national gaffe during political speech? If I was a politician I might be tempted to hide out during this week but remember that all politics is ultimately local and the public slip may be yours that’s showing on the evening news.

Jupiter is discussed toward the very top of this blog so I’ll not add to your reading tasks here.

Saturn continues her journey retrograde through Gate/Hexagram 48 of the Well in the Spleen highlighting issues of water quality, water rights, authoritarian water grabs, drought, restriction, and boundaries. Fix the leaks around your house and make plans to use less throughout the summer until she leaves on Aug 30th. You can also check out last month’s blog for more in-depth coverage of Saturn in the 48.

Uranus is discussed toward the very top of this blog so I’ll not add to your reading tasks here.

Chiron is hanging out in the Solar Plexus center in Gate/Hexagram 55 of Abundance waiting for Neptune to join next week. Issues of healing where we got too much energy during our childhoods and were overwhelmed or didn’t get enough are being highlighted at this time. Healing this area of our lives sets us up as the teachers, mentors, and zen mavericks for others around us still trying to find the way.

Pluto remains in the Root (survival pressures, time pressures) center in Gate/Hexagram 58 of Joyful Vitality presenting us with pluto recipe for growth. “Oh so you thought you couldn’t live without that did you?”, “Well there it goes.” Old addictions and dependencies on things that seemed to bring some semblance of joy are leaving our lives at this time and we are finding that we are still able to feel joyous and vital but most likely it’s because we’ve been finding new things that really serve our forward progress to make us happy. Letting go of the old ways and enthusiastically moving toward new and higher forms of joy get a powerful green light during this year. You can also read more about Pluto in my blog from last month.

That’s it for the week. Oh well, seems I’ve made the week as long as the month used to be but there is always next time to get it even better. Enjoy your week and keep your sense of humor, you’ll need it.

I would especially like to thank my HD teachers Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood for the generous sharing of their wisdom, love, and support. You can find out more about them, Human Design, becoming certified as a reader yourself and much more at their website
I welcome input from anyone reading this. you can email me at
Blessings and Love,
Hal Bahr


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