May Full Moon in Scorpio – The Buddha Moon

15 May

Early Tuesday morning May 17th is the Scorpio full moon, or Buddha moon as it is often referred to being the phase under which Siddhartha incarnated. The Moon is at 26+ Scorpio – sabian “A military band on the march” while the sun is opposite in Taurus – sabian “A squaw selling beads“. In the HD chart the Moon is in the 4th line of the 34 or Great Power while the Sun is in Gate 8 of Contribution. Venus and Mercury are together in the 1st line of Gate 27 Nourishment.

It’s what’s happening on the inside that counts no matter how loud the band plays or what your outer circumstances may appear to be. It is possible to be blissful, centered, and grateful in the most menial of jobs and tasks and equally possible to experience alienation and depression even in the midst of the loudest of parades. Our inner experience and connection with creativity, spirit and the divine will nourish us far beyond any external abundance can. We can love walking our own path or follow the masses into the messes. It’s always our choice. Choosing to connect deeply and quietly with something bigger than we are can feed us and take us forward in our evolution. Available options are also to just make a big hollow show of it all and stuffing ourselves with moral, intellectual, or religious junk food from the commercial mass-market hot dog vendor. Only when we nourish ourselves and find our inner balance and clarity can we truly turn and nourish others.

Over a month of strong initiating energy has gone by and now it is time to catch our breath, look around, and gently nourish the things we started that will also nourish ourselves. Weed out the unnecessary and keep that which is essential to our well-being.


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