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November 2011 Astro-Human-Design Outlook

Transforming flesh and spirit. Samhain.
November brings with it the essence of Yang and Yin represented by the dualities of outward action and inner receptivity. We are moving deeply into Fall. The Sun in Scorpio spends the early part of the month in the ultimate Yang hexagram of The Creative while the Earth occupies the opposite spot in the all-Yin hexagram of The Receptive. There is a sensual creative glow around us that also invites us inside. What we desire, who and how we love and just what we do about it all plays the major theme for the month. On November 22nd the Sun enters Sagittarius and begins the outbound quest for more beautiful truth. Discover something big to believe in, explore, and talk about. Revolution is all around us and the seed is growing inside us too.

From an astrological perspective this month continues the 6-week long stroll of Mercury and Venus hand in hand through the sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius asking us to join head and heart in brilliant loving union. This long, rare conjunction happens only about every 40 years and hasn’t been visible in the United States’ night sky for much longer. Over the last few weeks there has been great potential for understanding what we really deeply desire and wish to transform in our relationships and creative expression. Now as they enter Sagittarius on Nov 2nd and trine Uranus it’s all about taking the time to explore and expand our vision, share our story and beliefs with each other, and speak our truth. Nov 13 -14 they make a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon at the same part of the sky as a mysterious galactic anomaly called The Great Attractor. This is a great time for creating your own unique ceremony for bringing heads and hearts together with not only our personal destiny but our greater galactic destiny as well. Later in the month, Nov 23, Venus will continue her quest through Sagittarius while Mercury will begin to retrograde turning away from it’s pursuit of bright Venus and heading back to early Sagittarius. The inspired insights, actions, and changes made in late October through mid-November will then go through a necessary period of integration, revision, and adjustment that asks that we refine our goals that guide us into 2012.

Here is a link to read more about The Great Attractor from Phillip Sedgewick.

Larger ongoing themes reflected by Pluto in Capricorn demand transformation of our inner and outer authority and structures. What gets us up off our collective butts?

Uranus in Aries’ cry “I gotta be me!” That me is a brand new me with a higher level of consciousness and connection to universal love.

Neptune continues traveling back in Aquarius to glean the final harvest of creative compassionate connection to the collective dreams, desires, and ideals of the community. From the Human Design perspective the last two years’ Neptune transit has been provoking great emotional upheaval and potential for growth and healing as it continues over the next few years.

Chiron the teacher, in Pisces, finds ways to help us swim within the collective emotional wound to our feelings of abundance. Healing feelings of insecurity and lack gives us the magic to heal it for others.

Saturn in Libra continues to judge whether our actions and relationships are fair and balanced maturing the ones that don’t meet the reality test. In it’s travel through the Human Design chart we are processing and cleansing the toxic uptake from our environment, reinforcing our physical vitality and psychic boundaries, and taking small steps to change what is no longer healthy.

Jupiter in Taurus wants it all to feel good, be nourishing and sensual, or else we might just get stubborn about the whole thing! Through Nov 24th Jupiter is in a lusty Human Design gate amping up the sensual mating drumbeat and calling for expansion through pleasure and possible overindulgence.

This month Mars strides purposefully through the end of look-at-me Leo and into receptive, discerning and heal-or-fix-it Virgo for a 7 month stay performing the rituals of healing what’s been damaged or broken by elitism and entitlement. Or trying as hard as possible, perhaps breaking a few things in the process. Oh well, more to fix.

November Lunations:
Primal urges are strong. There is a great enticement to move forward but also the need to move with consciousness and loving care else our best intentions stumble and fall. On Nov 10th the full moon at 18 Taurus(Sabian symbol – A newly formed continent) also joins with the Earth in the 2nd hexagram suggesting we use this light to be receptive to seeing what we’ve created and the ground we are now standing on. With Mars entering into Virgo on this same day the essence seems to say be present, observe, discern, receive the guidance about what feels good and what systems might need to be adjusted. The new moon on Nov 24th which is also Thanksgiving and a partial solar eclipse at 2 degrees Sagittarius (Sabian symbol – A young child learning to walk) speaks to taking baby steps in new directions and holding to inner truth without regard for popular opinion. Learning to walk requires a few tumbles and bruises along the way. Kiss the boo-boos, ignore the teasing, and get back up again.

November Timeline:
Nov 2: Venus and Mercury move from intense transformative Scorpio into expansive Sagittarian questing adventure.
Nov 3: Saturn opposes Eris. Invite the feminine rebel into your party and consider what she has to say.
Nov 6 – 12: Samhain. Sun/ Earth move into the crossquarter points gate 1 The Creative and 2 The Receptive. Balancing Yang and Yin energy. The crossroad. Following where passion takes you.
Nov 7: Mars opposes Neptune. Connect ego to compassionate mass consciousness. Pull toward altered states. Creatively connecting to spirit. Ego erosion. Resistance can lead to feeling physically drained. Let yourself space out.
Nov 9: Neptune turns direct. What inner dreaming over the last 5 months is ready to start becoming reality?
Nov 10 Full Moon. Chiron turns direct. Mars enters Virgo moving from warrior king to medicine man.
Nov 11: See note at bottom.
Nov 12 – 16: Sun/Earth connect a full HD channel of speaking your mind. Speak truth. Surprising insights take form. Letting your inner freak express it’s brilliant self. “What did he/she just say?”
Nov 13-14: Saturn rises conjunct fixed star Spica. Mercury and Venus conjunct the Moon’s North Node and the Great Attractor. Feel the pull of your destiny. create ritual that connects and aligns your personal destiny with the greater whole. Join with the flow.
Nov 17 – 29: Mercury slips into a trickster-prone gate and turns retrograde on the 23rd. This Mercury retrograde has greater potential to be a doozy with all sorts of travel snafus, communication kerfuffles, pratfalls, and opportunity for testing out your ability to adjust, revise, reform, grin and go with the unexpectedly new flow while keeping your eyes on the truth of the story being told. Somebody could be trying very hard to make something look appealing enough for you to buy it. Keep a sharp eye, your common sense, and good humor available at all times.
Nov 20: Sun square Neptune. Double-check where you think you’re headed but enjoy where you end up.
Nov 22: Sun enters Sagittarius. After a month of inward consolidating it’s time to venture out to share the riches.
Nov 23 – 27: Sun/Earth activate another full HD channel, the busy channel, and we have a new moon solar eclipse. The urge to move, to do. Butting your head mindlessly against the fence will only damage your horns but using your wits to unlatch the gate will set you free. Try not to eat the neighbor’s roses while you’re roaming.
Nov 25 – 29: Venus activates another center and branch of this channel until Nov 29th bringing our conscious loving attention to what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been going about it. Grace notes. A good time to clean up any sudden messes. Feel and express the love. Generous Jupiter moves into the gate of Beginnings but the caution is against taking any new action right now.
Nov 29-30: Time to take a deep grateful breath, appreciate what we have and bless what we’ve let go of.

Some thoughts about 11-11-11:
Oct 28 is the date ” Mayan intellectual” Johan Calleman gave as the end of the Mayan calendar. Oct 21, Oct 28, 11-11-11, Dec 21, 2012…IMHO to put a date on the end of time is to miss the point. It’s nice the collective consciousness has picked these dates to encourage a mass shift but if you are waiting for a certain day it’s likely the bus has already pulled out of the terminal without you. Shift! Shift! Shift! Shift! Shift!