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Pulling Back the Curtain on 2012

Pulling Back the Curtain on 2012

2012: The Pluto/Uranus square and a year of mutability.

But first finishing up some old business.

Jupiter in Taurus June 4, 2011 – June 11, 2012 (written last year)
I think Jupiter coming into Taurus is likely to further expand all the issues of how we take care of the earth herself and what is truly valuable to us. There is no future if we continue to destroy the ground we walk on and I think these issues will get bigger and bigger over the next year. Financially I also think that there is money to be made by investing in creative green technologies that help to decontaminate, conserve, or enhance the fertility of the Earth. With Pluto in Capricorn making a trine aspect to Jupiter, both in earth signs, I think a combination of opportunity and crisis may drive us all further forward into a new future that takes care of the earth than we might believe possible at the beginning of this time. It may not be pretty getting there but it may become quite obviously necessary. . .

In our own lives Jupiter in Taurus will ask us which opportunities we grabbed in 2010-2011 while it was transiting activist Aries still hold enough magic for us to continue to put the concerted effort forth and keep growing and thriving? What will we let go of and put into the compost heap? Not all the new things we started have staying power in the long run but some of them surely are gems. This is a good time to begin to consider which ones bring us pleasure, feed us, feel creative, and nurture our community.

Saturn in Libra until Oct 5, 2012
This year Saturn the wise grandmother and teacher is finishing up her 2 1/2 year examination in Libra. Defining ourselves and our boundaries in our relationships and making sure that they are fair and equal, that we are getting as good as we are giving and not throwing up unnecessary blockages. Concentrating on working cooperative relationships and the ways the generations can work with and respect each other are all themes. Going through our closets and lives and deciding to keep that which is both beautiful and useful while finding a more appropriate home for the things that don’t meet this standard. In our public lives the political discourse has become so divisive and disharmonious that everyone is becoming unhappy with the lack of respectful dialog. Will we find ways to clean this up this year? Can we hold respect and space for those that see things differently than ourselves without resorting to labels that make the other less than human? Saturn continues to ask us to work on this one.

Saturn and Jupiter in the Human Design chart are defining a full channel from the Sacral(sexuality, creativity, life-force energy) to the Spleen(Physical vitality, elimination of toxins, processing intuition and fear) Feb 11 – March 4. Saturn in the 50 is testing the structure of our cooking pot while Jupiter in the 27 is opening new opportunities or exaggerating issues that are already present for us to be nourished and nourish others. A great time to do a cleanse, find a new and exciting route to better health and wellbeing, tackle an issue that has scared you in the past, share your health tips with others, take the time to feed yourself in the healthiest ways possible and share your food and food for thought with your tribe.

The new stories in 2012;
Of course the big story of 2012 is the first of 7 exact squares of Pluto and Uranus beginning on June 23. The last time Pluto and Uranus came into an energetic quadrature aspect(conjunction, opposition, or square) was in the mid-60’s. This opening square has us revisiting and renewing many of the same revolutionary themes sprouted then but this time there is a crisis of identity involved for us all. What is my part in the revolution? Where have I been the conscious or unconscious advocate of despotism and violent tyranny and where am I called to expose myself to the world as the brilliant revolutionary ready to cooperate with anyone and anything that helps the world to evolve in a peaceful and more sustainable way? There will be plenty of opportunities to rebel and violence is definitely an available or even attractive choice but may only result in the same tyranny under another name. Destruction is an easy path but there is the energy of creation here too. Making the more difficult choice to make repairs or build something new may turn out to be the more productive one.

At the same time this first square is building up there is a big activation in the Human Design chart. Uranus will have progressed from the gate of Innocence in the directional and divine love G or Self Center to the Ajna mind center promising many electric and perhaps shocking insights and revelations of information. Uranus in the Ajna center(gate 17 – Following – who and what are you following and flowing with?) reminds me of the image of Dorothy’s dog Toto pulling back the curtain and revealing the man behind the image of the wizard. The Moon’s Nodes will move into the 20-34 channel that moves from the Sacral(sexual and creative energy, life-force) to the Throat(manifesting in words or deeds) for 4 full months from mid-April to mid-August. This channel is all about Doing! As individuals we will have a great opportunity to bring many of our plans into fruition(assuming we have a plan. Mars retrograde in Virgo is definitely encouraging us to revise, rethink, and renew our planning and strategy to set us in place for going forward later in the year) The entire world will be hooked up to take action much of it from a pure gut-response. Bringing awareness and consciousness to what we find ourselves busy doing will help to keep us all from going off the tracks. It promises to be one hot, revealing, reactive and surprising summer around the world!

Neptune, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, the Moon’s Nodes and the mutability factor;
I am encouraged that along with all the reactionary and revolutionary energy abounding this year also includes a big dose of flexible, adaptable, mutable energy. We will have planets and the Nodes of the Moon making long stays in the mutable signs of Gemini(South Node until late August, Venus from early April to August, Jupiter beginning mid-June through the rest of the year), Virgo(Mars until April 15), Sagittarius(North Node until late August) and Pisces(Neptune for the next 14 years) asking us to be open to the power of words and feelings and letting things adapt and change rather than becoming rigid and unbending.

As 2012 begins Mars is retrograde in mutable Virgo until April 15. My favorite image for Mars in Virgo is the Medicine Man. We are all being guided to go within and discern what healing elixir we need for ourselves and what we may have for others. Using the early part of the year to make detailed and practical plans, or revise the ones we already have taking into account the new information being presented puts us on track for conscious progress through the rest of the year. That plan may need continuous adjustments through the year. Automatic pilot is unlikely to get us there.

Venus also makes a long stay in curious, information gathering, shape-shifting and playful Gemini. Venus in Gemini loves to learn new things and represents an attraction to new ideas and people. A busy bee who loves to sample a bit of nectar from as many flowers as possible there is the inclination to information overload. When Venus turns retrograde in Gemini in May it’s time to get back in touch with what is truly part of our own big picture and what is just amusing or fearsome distraction. Gathering together and putting forth the attractive new inspirations, ideas, and playful allies will aide our endeavors the rest of 2012 and beyond. Let’s talk!

Life is beautiful said the busy bee to the sun,
could you stay out longer so i can get more work done?
I stay out long as i do and you work hard enough bee,
now off to your comb and the making of honey.
More work won’t make it sweeter
it will just make more of it.
Do the work that you do
and do try to love it….
H. Bahr

Adding more emphasis to the exploration of information and message Jupiter moves into Gemini in June and when it does it will also make a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Discovering that you are your own wise guru filled with expansive ideas and insight is an option here but so is giving your power away to some attractive leader who promises the ideal without being able to deliver, escaping into the world of ideas without the need to do anything about any of it, or buying that snake oil that promises to remake your life, body, or relationships without the need to put any work into it. Maybe option 1?

As I sit and write this in early February 2012 Neptune dives fully into Pisces for a 14-year long swim through the ocean of the feeling realm. In Human Design Neptune will be spending almost this entire time in the Solar Plexus emotional center which guarantees that we will be connecting with deep emotion on a collective basis for an extended period of time. The last of the slow, outer planets to change sign over the last several years Neptune in Pisces dreams of compassionate connection to all of life, to something greater than the small and lonely I, to discovering happiness through helping others and the planet especially the oceans, to finding our own way through acts of faith though we can not see clearly where they may lead or where we are going. Neptune knows that there is no 99% pitted against the 1% but only all of us together dreaming as one. May our inner mystic awaken to see the love amidst the passion play of difference and division and the perfection of being present and available in every moment.

To me 2012 is a year that is filled with excitement and promise. The end of the Mayan calendar yes but that end is like the odometer on a vehicle. Once you get to the end it all rolls over and begins again. This brings to mind a quote from Shunryu Suzuki: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s there are few”. May we all begin again to see things a new way.

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As always my great thanks to my friends Caroline Casey, Christopher Emmer, Dena DeCastro, Daniel Giamario, and Kim Gould who inform and inspire me and encourage me to take it to the streets with love.