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Venus out of bounds, annular eclipse of the Sun, and the rebirth of Venus, Mars, and Mercury


Every 584 days Venus rises anew in the morning sky denoting a rebirth in her journey. Currently we are witnessing the final days of the last cycle which began in Scorpio and which will begin anew in Gemini on June 27. Venus is doing many rare things in the time between now and then. She’s currently beginning her journey as far out of bounds(outside the ecliptic path of the Sun) as it’s possible for her to go.


At her greatest she will be at 27.8(27degrees 49′) more than 4 degrees North of where the Sun can rise or set. That will be May 4th at 22 Gem, sabian: Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree. The next time she will be this far out of bounds will be 2239. Then she will come back south into the ecliptic plane just in time to transit across the face of the Sun on June 5th. In ancient cultures Venus making a transit across the Sun foretold of the fall of empires so I find the Walker recall(Gov of Wisconsin) election date being the same day as the Venus transit very witty.


To add even more spice to this time period we will also be treated to an annular eclipse of the Sun on May 20th, also in Gemini, which will be visible in parts of the Western United States. Annular eclipses are when the Moon moves in between the Earth and Sun but the Moon’s distance from the Earth allows for a ring of fire to be seen around the disk of the Moon at the height of the eclipse. Here is a link to see where you can go to be able to see this eclipse. I’ll be lucky enough to be able to see it from my yard as will many of you. The time period from now until the Venus transit across the Sun, also visible in the U.S. is packed with opportunities to open ourselves to and see many great events in the sky.


When I was down at Daniel Giamario’s last week attending a workshop with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School we thoroughly discussed the Venus, Mars, and Mercury cycles and one of the ideas that came up which I really liked was the thought of Venus being so far out of bounds as a call for, and reflection of, out-of-the-box creativity. It certainly seems that this current rare Venus saga is calling for, shedding light upon,  and supporting a resurgence of the feminine. May it be.


In related research Gary Caton has done some great work with what happens when Mercury’s retrograde conjunction to the Sun happens at or near the Aries point(0 Aries). Seems over the last 125 years each time this has happened there has been a major shift and breakthrough with manifestations of the feminine. The first female elected to political office, the first woman in a presidential cabinet, women getting the right to vote, etc. here is a link to Gary’s blog article. This feels very pertinent in this year when so much political effort is being exerted in trying to curtail the rights of women and voter suppression of the very groups that seem always to have the least amount of influence and power anyway.


Lastly I find it very interesting and somewhat reassuring in this lead up to the first of 7 exact Pluto/Uranus squares between(June 2012) that Venus, Mars, and Mercury all are getting reborn in mutable signs(well perhaps not Mercury depending on what formula one uses- Gary’s formula would place the current rebirth of Mercury in Aries which is also a provocative thought). With Venus and Mars both having their rebirth in Mercury-ruled signs I like the image of the creative ability to expose and adjust to new information(Gemini), focusing on new ideals and mystical connections(Pisces) and finding ways for practical implementation of those adjustments(Virgo) in healing and beneficial ways. Will Venus’ transit across the Sun finally pop the huge toxic mortgage bubble the banks have continued to hide from public view(yes, it is still there even though some of it has been brought forward there is so much more still to come)? Perhaps, but it seems there will be creative minds ready to pitch in and make sense of what comes after. If one uses Gary’s formula for the seed-point of rebirth being the retrograde conjunction to the Sun then Mercury’s new 120 day journey begins with Aries emphasizing the initiating importance of the message, the information, and going forward with bold new ideas.


This is what’s been swirling around in my head the last few weeks. I’ve been going out under the stars at night to watch the grand procession of Jupiter, Venus with the Pleiades, Mars signalling to her from the East and then later in the night Saturn’s current pas de deux with Spica blessing the dark velvet sky until dawn. It’s good to look up and see that we do have so many to watch over us and commune with at this time in the story. So interesting to see how it all unfolds.