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My interview on Dena DeCastro’s Evolutions of Astrology Podcast

My interview on Dena DeCastro’s Evolutions of Astrology Podcast

I just finished an interview on Dena’s show covering the major astrological and Human Design transits between now and early September. It will be available free on I-tunes as well as here and at my website SoulJourneyDesign. Enjoy! Here is the link

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Human Design Update: Focus, Determination, Triumph. Make It Happen.

During this current period of time when all the planets but Pluto and Saturn are moving forward and the Human Design transits are hooking up the energy to move forward and get busy(see previous post) there is another small 5-day window of opportunity opening up beginning on April 25th. On the 25th Mercury moves into the Heart center hooking up with a very out of bounds Venus(see other previous post) in the Throat lighting up a channel of manifestation.

This is a great time to focus on something you want, visualize it happening, tell the world, gather up your team or tribe and go for a dream. It isn’t very often that willpower energy is activated to the center of manifesting in words or deeds so make the most of it. If you have something you’ve been cooking up this window is a perfect time to push it forward and make it happen. Because the Heart center is also the center of ego and competitive drive we may find the shadow of competitive aggressiveness(politics anyone?) egoic boastfulness and status-tripping happening too. Hopefully you’ll be seeing it in someone other than yourself but this may also be a good time to check your ego at the door and concentrate on what will help you out by supporting your team. Now go out there and play nice!

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Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!

Mars and Mercury are in direct motion and tomorrow marks the start of a major Human Design transit that will push the whole world into gear through the summer and into the last few days of August(Aug 28). If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels you are just about to get some major traction so take aim at your goals and GO! The only problem over the summer is taking on too much and having too much easy access to instinctual reactive energy. This aspect combined with the first exact square of Pluto and Uranus will really push the world to revolutionize and move forward or dig it’s heels in and try to stick with the old, secure, and comfortable. I’m voting for inspired revolution and forward progress. Just remember to use the brakes before you hit the wall. And carry an umbrella but keep the lightning rod at a safe distance. xox