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The Pluto Uranus Sun T-Square from the Human Design Perspective

ImageJune 29, 2012 we had the exact T-Square of Uranus squaring the opposition of the Sun and Pluto at 8 degrees of Aries(Uranus), Cancer(Sun), and Capricorn(Pluto). From the Human Design perspective the exact T-Square puts Uranus in the 5th line of Ajna/mind gate 17 – Sabian symbol  “A crystal gazer“, Pluto in the 5th line of Root center gate 58 – Sabian “An angel carrying a harp”  and the Sun in the 5th line of the Root center gate 52 – Sabian – “A tiny nude miss reaching into the water for a fish“.

Uranus in the Ajna sparking revolution and lightning bolts of mental insight to the themes of the 17 which is often referred to as Following. I resonate to what Hillary Barrett, in her translation of the I-Ching, says at the beginning of the 17; “How are things flowing, and how can you move with them? Where are you being guided?” How well this goes with the whole crystal gazer image! The line itself, again from Hillary, “As you move with change, ask yourself what you value most highly, and hold to that through all the upheaval(Pluto in the Root). Good fortune comes of being true to your achievements and confident in your path’s unfolding”. I might add to this the question “what mental constructs, opinions, so-called facts and logic are you following without question?”

Pluto in the Root(what makes me feel secure and relaxed and what makes me get up off my butt to take care of because my survival depends on it. What time pressure am I feeling) in the gate of Joyous Vitality or as Hillary names it Opening. From her intro to the 58; “How can you fully enjoy the moment? What are you bringing to expression? What if you communicated and exchanged more freely?” The line itself “You place your trust in something unreliable, with risks you’re quite unaware of. You might be forfeiting your authority and autonomy here(Pluto in Capricorn) Perhaps, to move to a new level of experience, you might need to open yourself more…but this is a dangerous idea if it leads you to surrender control. Where are you placing your trust, and why.” This relates directly to what my friend Christopher wrote to me about the absurdity of clinging to the past at this point in our evolution. You can’t be present and open to what the moment brings and clinging to the past at the same time. The angel and harp imagery here speaks to me of letting go of past attachments through listening to the music of angelic presence calling us to rise above our circumstances and dance with joy but also to be very sure of who’s playing the tune we are dancing to

The Sun in the Root in the gate of Mountain or Stillness. I love this hexagram because, to me, it speaks of being perfect as is in the moment, nothing else is needed, coming from a centered place before going any place else. The Sabian says much the same to me. The “tiny miss” is nude so is showing all she is to the world without costume, mask or vanity. From this place of reveal she is reaching for the nourishment she needs, the fish. Again I love Hillary’s opening to this hexagram “what if there were nothing you had to do now? What if there were nowhere else you had to be? Where is your inner point of balance?” the 5th line: “When you still your jaws, you give yourself time to pause and reflect before using words – in speech or in thought. You don’t blurt things out in reaction, or leap to conclusions, or make unfounded decisions. Instead your words, spoken or unspoken, have order: they are in harmony with your intent, and they move in clear sequence, observing what does and doesn’t follow from their starting point. They set experience in a large context, providing a sound foundation for the growth of understanding – something more than just reacting to circumstances. And so regrets for what has gone unresolved and unfulfilled gradually vanish away.”

To me these 3 aspects which initiate a theme that will last till the next exact Sun-Pluto-Uranus T-Square on September 28th regarding the tension involved in the revolution of thinking, letting our inner guidance show us the pathway, and the process of opening up at the root to see what must be let go of and revolutionized without burning down the house in order to save it. The Sun casts it’s warm blessing glow on doing this from a place of naked vulnerability and transparency, balance, centered stillness reaching for what we truly need to continue rather than heated reaction that keeps us holding on, from a sense of lack, to what is no longer useful and is only weighing us down.



Pluto, Uranus and the Voting Rights Act

I find this story(Texas republican party platform calls for repeal of Voting Rights Act) very interesting especially in light of our current Pluto/Uranus square. The Voting Rights Act was adopted in 1965 as Pluto and Uranus came together into conjunction. This was a revolutionary period where the forces of power and freedom came into conflict and compromise and many movements of liberation were born. Now we are at the opening square of this conjunction so there is a “crisis of identity” happening for all those revolutions that began in the mid-60’s. Who are we as people, as a nation, as a world? This next 3 years, between now and 2015, while the 7 exact squares of Pluto and Uranus play themselves out will answer that question. I’m voting for liberation and experimentation continuing to prevail but it’s gonna be a mighty bumpy road getting there and we will all have to answer the question in our own lives as well.