Pluto, Uranus and the Voting Rights Act

28 Jun

I find this story(Texas republican party platform calls for repeal of Voting Rights Act) very interesting especially in light of our current Pluto/Uranus square. The Voting Rights Act was adopted in 1965 as Pluto and Uranus came together into conjunction. This was a revolutionary period where the forces of power and freedom came into conflict and compromise and many movements of liberation were born. Now we are at the opening square of this conjunction so there is a “crisis of identity” happening for all those revolutions that began in the mid-60’s. Who are we as people, as a nation, as a world? This next 3 years, between now and 2015, while the 7 exact squares of Pluto and Uranus play themselves out will answer that question. I’m voting for liberation and experimentation continuing to prevail but it’s gonna be a mighty bumpy road getting there and we will all have to answer the question in our own lives as well.


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