Election 2012 and Mercury Retrograde

06 Nov
Election 2012 and Mercury Retrograde

Well here we are. Election day is tomorrow and there will be a blessed silence on many people’s phones and front door bells. Much has been written by astrologers about the fact that Mercury, planet of cognition, communication, counting, and things local will be turning retrograde at 6pm Eastern time tomorrow(Nov 6, 2012). There have been many predictions of doom and gloom, confusion and deception, and general chaos for finding out the actual outcome. Many of those writers have the thought that it may not be truly clear who won and who lost till Mercury again turns direct on Nov 26th or perhaps even later when it comes out of the retrograde “shadow”(where it began it’s retrograde) on Dec 14th.

A few weeks ago I was asked about this and had my own perspective on it. Today I got the internal push to share it with others. Before I do so though I’ll put this disclaimer out about my own personal bias and internal setting. In my own astrological chart I have Venus, North Node, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury all making a closer or slightly looser conjunction to my 0 degree Scorpio Sun so I have a certain kind of innate optimism that rarely relates to the mutually-agreed-upon reality of circumstances surrounding any given issue. What I got a few weeks ago was that with Mercury still direct for most of election day and in fact relatively motionless from the Earth’s perspective and so exerting the most powerful influence(or reflecting the collective’s intense attention and the idea of everything coming to a halt for this moment) the message delivered would actually be one that is surprisingly clear and powerful. The winners in this election will be clear winners without ambiguity and a clear direction results(even if that direction is one of going backwards or the undoing of what was accomplished during the last 4 years).

Certainly there will be much attention to what led up to this result and what resources, techniques and devices were employed with the idea of re-evaluation and improvement for next time. The fact that the tabulation of votes will be done completely under the very start of a Mercury retrograde does certainly imply that the final results aren’t clear for a time, get mis-stated, or that some adjustment ends up being made before things are clear so it behooves everyone to not get too wound up about the initial results and to refrain from losing your mind at any time in the process.

Beyond the details of this election I have some other thoughts and musings which again play out of my own internal setting. No matter who gets elected president(a largely ceremonial position at this time in our history) and takes over control of the house and senate there are a few indisputable winners. The black-ops cabal of corporate, military industrial and financial powers-that-be continue to gain more power and influence while the common individual loses autonomy, prosperity and civil rights. This will continue to be the case as long as so-called Republican presidents and congress pass and sign laws that diminish the rights of the individual and so-called Democratic presidents and legislatures continue to endorse and make permanent these same changes. This will continue as long as the highest court in the land makes rulings that declare inanimate corporations to be “people” and awards them the same rights of “freedom of speech” resulting in unregulated wealth going into political action groups that have no oversight, accountability or any attachment to truth or the betterment of society. This will continue as long as politicians are not subject to term limits and there are no regulations on the money a political race can spend thus pressuring them into the bias of what gets them re-elected and who pays for the next campaign. This will continue until we as people band together in non-partisan nondenominational groups that provide the social pressure and education that gets a different idea elected to power.

It is interesting to me that this Mercury retrograde that is nearly upon us happens in the Human Design chart in the Sacral(life-force energy) center and specifically in gate 34 which is the gate of Great Power the only non-sexual gate in the Sacral center. Will we as individuals take the time to re-examine where our power lies, where we give it over to others and what we are using it for? With Saturn having just arrived in Scorpio there is great energy for us to recognize what is real and see who has their hands on the hidden wheels of power, what needs to be changed and putting the work into the transformation of that power and authority. There is also an equal amount of energy that is going into the the effort to retain, stabilize and increase this power by those already holding it. By next year Pluto will have moved into gate 38 in the Root center. 38 is the gate of Opposition and is part of a channel of human rights.

No matter the outcome of tomorrow’s election we all have a great deal of work to do over the next 2 1/2 years both in our public and private lives. That work will be more about paying attention to our own truths and banding together with others who share our perspectives rather than depending on someone else in a place of power to do the work for us. We will have to identify and actively oppose those principals that from our own perspective do not bring us or our society forward into greater health and vitality regardless of party affiliation, racial or economic background or religion. Will we do it? My internal setting is always set on yes we will. That’s where I’m casting my real vote and I’m looking around for people/groups/places to put my energy that are on that same trajectory. Who are you voting for and what are you going to do about it?


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  1. Judy - Denver

    November 6, 2012 at 1:34 am



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