Proliferation of Void of Course Moons, the beginning of a new era and a couple Mercury rx stories

07 Nov

ImageToday an astrologer/Tarot colleague of mine asked me what I thought the significance was of all the Void of Course Moon periods we are experiencing now. For those of you who don’t know the Moon goes Void of Course after it makes it’s last Ptolemaic aspect(conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) to another planet until it enters a new sign. Void of Course Moon periods are generally agreed to be times that you don’t want to begin a new project or make an important decision as it will “come to nothing” though it is a fine time to finish off old business or do research and gather facts. The last couple years we’ve had several of the slow outer planets occupying the final degrees of signs so there have been fewer and shorter VOC Moon periods. Then one by one each of the outers, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune all entered into new signs leaving only Saturn  occupying a late degree. In early October Saturn entered Scorpio so right now we have all the outer planets in early degrees of signs and all the planets but Mars in the first half of signs. Mars is currently around 23 degrees of Sag so it means at this point we are having many VOC Moon periods and some of them are lasting more than 24 hours. After reading my response to my friend I decided it was worthwhile sharing with my readers too. Here it is.

The first thing that strikes me is not the VOC moon periods but rather the acknowledgement that all the planets representing the great gods of change are in early degrees of signs signalling a new era of sorts and pointing to new places and themes we must revolutionize(this has been going on/building up for some time but Saturn finishing up in Libra has been acting as a braking mechanism). There is a greater and greater push to do tangible things that provoke change. All the VOC moon periods speak to me of what can happen when we use that youthful energy(youthful folly – I-Ching) to initiate things without taking the timing into consideration. Many initiatives come to naught if they were not launched with attention to detail, practicality, and timing. On the other hand I find VOC moon periods to be excellent times to dream, vision, and employ non-linear techniques to problem-solving and to going deeply within to discover creative ways of changing ourselves and coming into alignment with the energy of the times.

Finally we are in the beginning of a Mercury retrograde period so back up your computer and pay special attention to the electronics in your life. Give careful scrutiny to any legal documents demanding attention as this retrograde begins in Sag which has a relationship to all things legal. A great time to reconsider, review, rethink your current philosophy and since this retrograde is in the Sacral gate 34 of Great Power in the HD chart a very good time to consider where your power is, where you are giving it away, and what you are using it for.

My own early Merc Rx story is that the electronic brain in my 2012 Chevy Equinox(what other car would an astrologer drive? lol) had been acting up for some time deciding I lived in Washington DC, arbitrarily resetting the time to 4 hours earlier, forgetting gps destinations whenever I would stop en route for gas or food. So I took it in 2 days ago to be reprogrammed but it didn’t take so I had to return it the next day, yesterday, for another reboot. I got it back and it was still downloading info. The repairman told me to keep it on for at least 30 minutes so it could finish the job. I drove around for over an hour while it continued downloading and never finished. I got home and decided to leave the key in the ignition so it could keep grinding away and then went into the house, forgot all about it and ended up taking a nap. When I woke up later I rushed out to my car to find that the battery had been drained and I couldn’t start the car. Who wants to bet that when I go out there today the brain will still have issues and I’ll have to bring it in again? On second thought don’t answer that. . .

My second Mercury rx story(it hasn’t even been retrograde for 24 hours and I already have two stories. This portends a very active rx period for me. wahooo!) is about re-writing and updating the current transit/sky story of my website After spending a couple hours re-writing and updating I pushed the publish button and got the first error message I’ve ever gotten while working on my site. Turns out all my work was lost, no update got done and I was forced to re-write what I had posted. I had done it all stream-of-thought without any external back up so it all had to be completely recomposed! I took the whole thing as a suggestion from the gods of communication that there was something that needed more thought and a different take so I spent the time redoing it and got a successful update accomplished. May your own Mercury rx period go smoother than mine and may you find the things that do have to be redone in your life are actually blessed opportunities to get things done more accurately, more clearly and much more successfully.


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