My Mission Statement

09 Nov

As part of a continuing course I’m taking I had to come up with my mission statement. I thought I would share it with you. Image

My mission statement. To continue to grow in knowledge and understanding through the cooperative ventures I enter into with colleagues and mentors, my own experiment with Human Design, my interactions and research with my clients and my continuing endeavor to bring my unique vision of the practice of combining astrology and Human Design to assist my clients in identifying and removing blockages to evolutionary growth in their lives. To let my natural curiosity and open-mindedness continue to question and inform my practice and reform my dogma wherever it may exist. To use my evolving understanding to deliver information and advice of practical value to my clients, students, and listeners. To take advantage of my naturally-arising opportunities to teach, to write, and to speak to groups, astrological, HD, and general public, about the benefits of learning about one’s own and others Human Design and astrology to aid in personal growth, financial and business success, and bettering business, family, and love relationships. To help foster understanding, cooperation, and good-humored communication which then helps to foster a better, more cooperative, more understanding world where everyone is recognized, valued, and encouraged to work with the special gifts we each have to share and to help relieve the burden of trying to be what we are not. To continually grow stronger and more confident at being able to stand in the light of my truth and to share that light fearlessly, yet with kindness, humor, and compassion, with those around me. To do all of this while always honoring and being guided by my Human Design, my astrology, and most importantly my responsive inner truth/authority.

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One response to “My Mission Statement

  1. Tom Irick

    November 9, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Your gift of the desire to help others comes shinning through in your statement. Keep up the great work!


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