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Grand Dream: New Moon in Pisces with Historic Accumulation of Accompanying Planets

ImageAs we move toward tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces with a historic record-high accumulation of planets accompanying it this is a highly significant time for our entire collective. I had a dear friend ask me about this New Moon in her chart. In her chart this New Moon falls in her 12th house which is also Pisces’ natural house so I find my response to her is also what I might say to us all for this time (appropriate as Pisces is the sign that still remembers that we are all one only here on Earth playing with this illusion of separation and division) so here it is:

“Well you know once a year you have a New Moon in each house of your chart. New Moon times are great times to begin some new initiative in the area each house rules.The 12th house is the very deep unconscious, our connection to the vast divine and unknowable, our deepest connection to the collective and all things, the house of undoing and letting go, and of chronic illness, insanity and imprisonment lol. The house of the savior and the victim, “karma” or “suffering” although that is only when we resist being receptive, compassionate, letting go, and evolving”.

“This one occurs in the 21st degree of Pisces whose Sabian Symbol is  A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai. I love this image and the way it seems to indicate to me, being in your 12th house, to be about perhaps letting yourself open up to a greater connection to your psychic gifts, dreams, spirit transmissions, divinely-inspired creativity and your awareness of your own and others’ wounds that need compassion and healing”.

“Are there some deep-seated ways of feeling or behaviors that are based in old childhood insecurities you would like to let go of? Would you like to, in some way, reorder your deep inner self so that you can progress from being a wanderer imprisoned in the parched rocky desert worshiping idols and instead flow forward with greater ease and self-alignment by diving deeply into the ocean of your own inner truth, rejoining your pod swimming into the new freedom of the Promised I-Land and its clean, clear and serene bay?”

“This is also a very good time to ask for healing of any chronic issues mental, spiritual, or physical in your life or the lives of others. There isn’t any work involved here, only the asking and the commitment to being open to receiving the blessings, and willingness to let go of what no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of us all, the planet, the galaxy, the universe and beyond.”

“You don’t have to know it exactly or ask for any of it in a detailed way since it is Pisces. You can allow yourself to dream on it or simply take some time right at the New Moon to speak to the universe that you are ready to listen if she would like to speak to you in a clearer way of divine union”.  Perhaps while swimming in the ocean, relaxing in the hot tub or bathtub, or simply sipping a revitalizing clear glass of glorious water.

We are all doing that in some way at this time with so many planets in Pisces. It is a historically significant time for everyone as this huge conjunction of planets is very rare and hasn’t happened in many hundreds of years. Here we are together on this remote and small blue watery planet, wounded and wounding dreaming together a dream of healing compassion and unity so that we may emerge from the waters reborn in the shining reflection of our own divine natures.

A blessing from this Pisces Moon child;
May our heroes and saviors disappear so that we no longer need victims. May we rediscover our deep compassion so that we no longer need suffering. May we relax into receiving unconditional love so that we no longer need to hate, May we find our natural changing flow so that we no longer need karma. May we become ever more receptive, intuitive, understanding, and  connected in unity so that we no longer wound ourselves, others and our planet through seeking power, control, conquest, domination, war, and division.

And may it all as easy and natural as the rain falling into the stream that rushes into the river that flows into the sea we were born from and kisses the shores with its tidal embrace.



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