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Take Me For What I Am: A Major April-May Transit in the Human Design Chart of the World

Hands hold the world together

I have been researching the historical significance of a major Human Design transit that is just beginning. While I am still not ready to publish that aspect of my research I have had many inquiries from those around me about the details of this transit or the themes involved. The last two inquiries have given me enough energy to respond in a way that may be of value to everyone who encounters this description. I thank those who have given me the opportunity to respond and invite everyone to consider the following. It is framed within my correspondence with astrologer, artist, communicator, and Modern-Renaissance man, Chris Flisher, regarding the conversation we had recorded last week for his podcast “The Turning of the Wheel” scheduled for airing in early May.


Hi Chris,
When we spoke you were asking how a HD transit might be reflected by, or relate to, an astrological one. I just finished sending a note to a friend about the transit beginning today that gets at that point.

Jupiter Uranus Saturn Moon 21 45 26 44 april 2013

Click this link to hear me speak about this astrological initiating event chart with Dena DeCastro on her podcast Evolutions of Astrology.

“Today marks the start of a solid month-long transit that brings a direct link for your defined Heart center(willpower/ego, courage, support/defense) to express itself through the Throat center of manifestation in words or deeds. The channel involved is called the Channel of Money and usually reflects issues of the material world. What is referred to much less often is that the gates involved are very much about who is the boss and what are the laws, who decides on what needs to be done and where resources should flow, and then who actually puts the work in to make this happen. Is the decision made by dictate from the king or dictator or is it arrived at via mutual problem-solving, alliance, and treaty are crucial questions here, the answers to which point toward the ultimate success or failure of the initiative.

Whether one has these two centers defined in their natal chart or not, with this transit the entire world has this definition for the next month. I also see this reflected in the sky story of Venus, Mars, and Sun in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio. The outer planets always shine brightest and are nearest at opposition point. When a point is so bright and clear above it is always easy to view it as something that is outside of self or coming from somebody else. The theme of who is the boss and our responsibility to others seem strong and visible ones. The ways this is reflected in our self-concept, values, relationships, and actions may actually be more hidden in the sun’s glare.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the very beginning of this transit results in you being able to release some pent-up heartache, whether yours or others that you have accumulated and taken on. This release may take the shape of tears, disappointment or anger expressed, or even in a sense of finally being able to just let go of these things if they have felt like they have been present just beneath the surface and scratching at you to be let out the door into the moonlight without much success up to now.

I sense you will make very quick work of this part and then the rest of this transit is all about going for your Heart’s desire by taking steps forward in the world. If your (fill in the blank) project is part of this, and I sense it is, this may be just the time to sit down and start, in whatever ways you can for however long a period you can, each day.

The defined-Heart likes to set goals and then campaign to achieve them, exerting its’ power to make the world around conform so the goal may be achieved and the achievement celebrated afterward. If this is what is in your Heart now then let me be an encouraging voice suggesting you set a goal for yourself and give yourself permission to go for it.

I often say to those around me that one of the things I am here for is to give others permission. You certainly have mine. You also have my love and support for any of your heart-felt endeavors in the world. If those endeavors are also working in supportive alignment of others and/or the health of the planet, progress forward may be even that much easier and you may find unexpected allies along the way.


Take Me For What I Am:

Jupiter Uranus activate 21-45 with Moon Saturn activating 26-44


While there are many things of note in this Human Design chart for the initiating events of April-May 2013 I want to pay special attention to a couple I will describe. First, I am taking the chart of the moment that the Moon enters into gate 26 and activates the Chanel of Surrender from Saturn in Spleen Gate 44 – Coming to Meet to Heart Gate 26 – Accumulation which also hooks into the Uranus activation in Heart Gate 21 – Control to Jupiter in Throat Gate 45 – Gathering Together in the Channel of Money. I am using this chart, which is shortly after Jupiter makes his first entry into gate 45, because of the power and significance of such an activation.

In simplest terms this is the chart of a Manifestor, one who initiates and catalyzes people and events and joins together the forces of willpower, healthy vitality, instinctual remembrance, intuition, individual self-identity and direction through collective experience and storytelling, and unconscious “knowing” with the power of doing whether that be speaking truth to power or taking action oneself.

The Incarnation Theme represented by the unconscious/Design Sun/Earth positions in concert with the conscious/Personality side Sun/Earth is the Theme of the Four Ways. Four ways because each of the gates represent a direction. 24 – Returning, 44 – Coming to Meet, 19 – Approach, and 33 Retreat. A powerful indicator of change this is the final Incarnation Theme of each 16-gate Incarnation Quarter in the Human Design Wheel. This particular one is the transition which moves from the first Realm of Alcyone/Quarter of Initiation into the second Realm of Duhbe/Quarter of Civilization(Manifestation). The first quarter has a general theme of purpose that is fulfilled through the mind while the second quarter theme is purpose that is fulfilled through form.

Again to put it simply this activation is happening at a time we are stepping from thinking/measuring/understanding something on the mental level to bringing that mental understanding into a manifestation in form, structure, and/or action. The understanding we return here with, forces we meet, approaches we take, and what we choose to leave behind or carry forward will be crucial and reflected in the deepest structure of what is created.


Over the next month we will have many opportunities to follow the dictates of others and/or stick with what is in greatest alignment with our personal mission here. My aim is to stick with what feels loving and supportive for myself, those around me, and the planet. Taking some time right now at the start of this transit to define for yourself what your mission is and how you might know you are on track with it may be the very best thing you can do for everyone.”


My short response to that initial question from you Chris is that there is always a direct reflection or relationship between what is indicated with the Human Design transits and astrological ones but it rarely includes the identical planets and their aspects. It is more about general themes and indicators. I think this example may put it into clearer understanding for you and others.

Here is one readily available potential action/reaction and I have nothing to criticize in employing it, especially if one keeps in mind that essentially it is a note to self rather than a rant at the Saturn/authority-figure conveniently located outside oneself however brightly it may shine. Mad as Hell


To my readers;
There are more potent transits, like this one, on the way this spring and summer. I will do my best to keep you informed as they approach. I would also like to invite you to send me accounts of your experiences during this time to add to my research and understanding. I am grateful for the time and energy you take in doing so.


All my best,

Hal Bahr


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Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Eclipse April 25th 2013 – Inviting the Inner Teacher, Holder of the Keys

Embracing_the_Dragon_by_tacoma SJD

Lunar Eclipse April 25, 2013: * Mayan Galactic count Kin 72, 7 Eb  – Resonant Human  –  a portal day – Phrase: A HOLDER OF THE KEYS, Revealing Patterns and Formula / Human Design Theme of Alignment with Sun in gate 27: Nourishment – the Gate of Caring, Earth/Moon in gate 28: Great Excess – Gate of the Game Player of Life. Astrologically the Sun at 5 Taurus – Sabian image: Cantilever Bridge Across A Deep Gorge and Moon at 5 Scorpio: The Gold Rush Tears Men Away From Their Native Soil.

Thursday’s partial lunar eclipse serves up the start of the 2013 eclipse season.This is the beginning of a season that will initiate into the potential of greater connection. Connection with inner self, outer action, each other, community, environment, world, universe, their myriad interactions reflecting the fractal core of being. As I watch my world and what happens in it I know it is all me.

In the light of this full moon observe and take responsibility for the energy of life. Blaming others or events, using that as an excuse to pass along the dark, spiked, fiery dragon of negatively-charged emotional energy, is no longer a viable option only encouraging breakdown rather than breakthrough. Invite the uncomfortable, embrace the unlovable, bless the unforgivable, open up to the heartbreaking grief that, kept divided, blocks the pathway to unbounded joy.

In stillness, soft with Venusian receptivity, strengthened by Taurean stability, traveling inward across the chasm to the dark caves, drawing upon the ultimate gift of Scorpio; the ability to surrender to that which is higher, more powerful, vital and alive, a great treasure awaits. There lives the dark dragon long held captive in a prison of guilt, repression, fear, wounded victimization, and avoidance. See it, free it, embrace, and in embracing, being consumed, consume it and be reborn to take flight on the Golden Dragon of the Creative out of the confines of old structure, habit, belief and reaction into the light of a new land filled with greater potential.

Eclipse of Apr 25, 2013

The astrological and Human Design chart of this eclipse has a great deal to do with knowing I am my own best teacher paying attention to inner messages, seeing that which is nourishing and healthy, choosing to align with inner standards that make life worth living while cleansing that which does not.

Empathy, compassion and deep listening to heart-felt stories heals. Sharing stories kept locked away from the light reveals the keys, always in possession, to freedom of spirit, fellowship of being, and flight of soul.

Eclipse Apr 25, 2013

To view a map of the parts of the world that will be able to see this eclipse click on the link below:

Special Thanks to Christopher Emmer and

his Mayan Calendar For Mystical Alignment. For more info about connecting to and using this guide

To contact me for Astrological, Intuitive, and Human Design counseling, teaching, and speaking email or call 928.554.5109 or 541.897.0512.

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Blessings and Love!


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New Moon in Aries 2013 Packs a Punch! Astrology & Human Design combined perspective

space_baby_by_kerenper-d3f6rjaMoving Forward
After last month’s swim in the sometimes murky depths of Pisces which was confusing and emotionally tumultuous for many, the Aries New Moon of 2013 signals a very strong shift into forward motion. Joining the Sun and Moon in Aries are Venus, Uranus and sign-ruler Mars supporting, fueling, and perhaps inflaming the already impulsive nature of this “what you see is what you get and let’s get on with it right now” warrior and pioneer. The Sabian symbol imagery for each of them is potent and informing.

The Astrological Players and Playbook
The stage is set and defined with the image of the New Moon in Aries 20 :A Pugilist Enters The Ring. Here we all are stepping forward into the center of our own lives and it is time to be strong, courageous, stand for who we are, and take some action. Just thinking or talking about things isn’t enough for action-oriented Aries. Sign-ruler Mars tells us with Aries simplicity that action will involve the birth of some new part of ourselves with Aries 22: A Pregnant Woman In Light Summer Dress.

Venus, wearing her amazon of love garb is now moving away from Mars since their underworld tryst on the 7th, but still holding hands at Aries 23: Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia. Her own typically Venusian suggestion in the midst of the collective general push to outward action and bluster, is that  we enter a window of opportunity by taking a moment to turn receptively inward, gather our own internal insight and truth, and reconnect with our personal values. By doing so we are rewarded with a great deal that is both valuable and nutritious.

Brilliant experimental researcher Uranus at Aries 9: A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images advises that when change to the status quo is in order it is often inspirational to re-frame what it is we are looking at and trying to achieve.

Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all either harmoniously or dynamically supporting any effort made to uproot, reform, and rejuvenate the long-established though tired or dying infrastructure but Jupiter and Mercury continue to complicate the message as they caper about in their mutually reinforcing dance of hype, conflation, misdirection, delusion, skewed perspective, and outright lies. That is a dance that is going to carry a price and some sense of disillusion and deflation once it ends and they move to other signs when what we thought we knew gets adjusted to conform to what is actually true. Hopefully there won’t be a sense of deep regret for having gone into action because of bad information.

This whole concept of something important and new coming into being and the wise advice along with the complications will be an intimate inner part of each of our lives but it is also going to be reflected in the national and world outer collective. The importance is reconfirmed with the knowledge that what gets initiated during this New Moon will be strongly revisited with the Lunar eclipses of Nov 2013 and April 2014 focused in this same part of the sky shedding a bright focus on what has grown up from the seeds we planted both in the light of consciousness and hidden in the darkness of shadowy fear.

The Boxing metaphor
The Sabian images of this New Moon paint a picture of the boxer’s willing meeting with a destined encounter. Champion boxers know the path to victory is more than just being stronger, it is about combining strength and passion with skill, technique and cool-headed observation discerning just when the timing is right to strike the right place at just the right time. A champion boxer also knows how and when to pick his battles and avoids striking unless necessary. One well-aimed and timed blow is worth countless glancing and ineffective ones.

The Boxer

The Human Design Perspective
The Human Design chart of this New Moon also caries some essential information. Framing this time period just before and just after the Aries New Moon , from April 8 through late afternoon of April 12th, Mercury and Jupiter will “turn on” the Solar Plexus emotional center and provide access straight to manifestation in the Throat through words or deeds by activating two ends of an entire channel, Gates 35-36 which traditionally is named the Channel of Transitoriness and is about the emotional center fueling the desire for new experiences but also providing an easy energetic pathway for flying into action from pure unprocessed emotional reactivity.

Following emotion to clarity
The whole world is turned on emotionally during the 4 days around the New Moon but only half the world is emotionally defined natally and a much smaller number of those people actually work with their emotional energy in a grounded and responsible way. This is a good time to observe your own inner emotional process but realize that everyone may be more emotionally reactive than usual and more prone to lashing out and to feeling hurt. Allowing yourself time to follow and process the emotion will let you come to a place of emotional clarity from which place the call to wise action can be trusted. The upside of this transit is that we all have a chance to become even more deeply aware of what is really going on in ourselves and our environment which gives a greater clarity when deciding what you want to let go of, change, or bring into being.

New Moon in Gate 51
The New Moon itself happens in the 6th and topmost line of Gate 51: which is translated as Shock/The Arousing and is made up of the trigram thunder in the top and bottom trigrams. Located in the Heart center this Gate is about using the willpower and expanding energy of the Heart center to initiate movement through shock into places that have become fixed, stuck, and unhealthy in the aim of raising consciousness. Because the Heart center is the center of willpower but also ego, competition, courage, and themes of material support or value it can just as easily be used to invoke the contracting competitive side of the Heart center for personal gain. The 6th line though has become a master of this process and the wisdom that comes with the line is worth repeating: “In times of crisis, when all those around are confused and in disorder, the use of vital willpower to not succumb to the panic and to survive it alone.”

Greater Resonance
This New Moon in Gate 51 also has a longer-term resonance in the Human Design chart of the collective as a major outer-planet transit will begin under the influence of this New Moon . This transit will begin April 28th and continues for a month. It will activate the channel from Gate 21 – Biting Through/Control in the Heart center straight up to the Throat center Gate 45 – Gathering Together defining another channel of action and manifestation traditionally named the Channel of Money which was also active for the collective in the spring months of 1929.

In that instance what was controlled was the re-evaluation of the world’s monetary system and financial markets which were under-regulated and over-inflated, bringing them back into more realistic alignment albeit in a pretty drastic and painful way. The beginnings of WWII began here with people beginning to gather together around and elect new national leaders. Later those gatherings of people were enlisted in fighting each other. This time perhaps we will all choose a different way to adjust our values and other, more life-affirming reasons to gather together, especially since we have the potential advantage of conscious awareness of a historical pattern repetition..

When outer planets activate channels in the Human Design chart big things happen in the world. The last time the Heart center was activated through an outer planet transit it was Jupiter and Uranus meeting in the Heart Gate 51 – Shock/The Arousing and Gate 25 – Innocence in the Ji-Self center activating the Channel of Initiation. When they first met in the this channel we had the tidal wave in Japan and the events at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant , repercussions of which are still ongoing today. On March 27th I was interviewed on astrologer Dena DeCastro’s Sirius Astrology Podcast about this major upcoming transit. Here is the link to access it and more pertinent information; title=”Sirius Astrology Podcast” 

The Bottom Line – Your Heart’s Desire
Major changes are afoot opening the way to quantum leaps ahead for us all. Wednesday is a very potent New Moon in Aries which signals the initiation of new ways of being. May these next few days provide the insight and clarity for you each to be able to focus in on exactly what wants to be born anew into your life. It is likely that tumultuous times are ahead but the call is not to worry or panic but rather, each time you feel the fear begin to rise sparked by outside events and “news: keep returning to your inner self-guided sense of insight and direction. Setting our intentions now to what we wish to be as humans and then using the transit of late April- May giving access to discerning what is our Heart’s Desire, what we can really put our heart and willpower into for the betterment of our own lives and support the life of everyone else is the magical alchemical elixir which will disarm and render impotent those who have a stake in war, greed , and destruction and have gathered power and influence to themselves through it. Believe in yourself and your community. Understand that the heartfelt loving sharing of your true self is the greatest gift you have for the world and is at the same time a revolutionary statement. In the words of Osho:

“My whole love and respect is for the person who accepts himself totally, as he is. He has courage. He has courage to face the whole pressure of the society which is bent upon splitting him into divisions — into good and bad, into saint and sinner. He is really a brave, courageous being who stands against the whole history of man, of morality, and declares to the skies his reality, whatever it is.”

Blessings and Love!

Hal Bahr
Astrological, Intuitive, and Human Design Services

Believe in Yourself


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