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Astrology and Human Design Summer 2013: Releasing Struggle to Allow Quantum Shifts of Grace and Flights of Fancy.

Astrology and Human Design Summer 2013: Releasing Struggle to Allow Quantum Shifts of Grace and Flights of Fancy.
In my practice with clients, the classes I teach, my friend’s lives, and my own there is an abundance of dynamic energy for change, and has been for the last 5 or 6 weeks. This energy, along with other supportive shifting frequencies, will be with us consistently through early August. Many are experiencing this energy in the form of sudden and upsetting events or circumstances. Today I responded to a client about this in a way that I felt was worth sharing with everyone. May we all experience the greatest joy supported by the most unanticipated grace and ease during this time of transition in our journey. Even if we do choose struggle as a theme, then may it be a struggle that is worthwhile, embraced from the heart, and arrived at through conscious choice.”Yes _______, for sure that it one very clear way that report could be read yet it also presents the very real possibility of great energy for change, growth, and the healing of old wounds and issues by exposing them to the light of consciousness, embracing the lessons they have taught and are teaching you, and moving forward in life with greater authenticity, freedom, self-awareness, and even joy. Any experience is neutral. It is always our decision to then judge an experience as “good” or “bad”, “easy” or “hard”, “painful” or “joyous”, “fast and flowing” or “slow and stuck”etc…yet those things do not actually describe the experience but our own reaction to them and subsequent choice to invoke our ability or commitment to letting go of anything that no longer is of value and service to our higher good and forward evolution or to trying to hold on to the status quo, retain our current sense of power or identity, and have things play out the way we might think we “want” them to.Have you ever had an event which in the moment you judged and experienced as unwanted, difficult, and upsetting that then, when looked at through the lens of time, turned out to be a major turning point in your life leading you to greater wisdom, enlightenment, success, happiness, fulfillment, etc? If you had known at the moment of the experience that is what it would evolve into would you have greeted the experience in a more welcoming manner? Might you have engaged with the miraculous process of change in a more joyous way?

A couple weeks ago I wrote this:”By greeting every experience, person, and event as a friend who has arrived just in the nick of time to save our lives we turn each of these things into an occasion for heartfelt embrace and rejoicing making a strong friend and ally of every thing that happens in our lives filling every moment with gratitude and wonder. Easy to write, I know, and perhaps more challenging to put into practice. Or maybe only as difficult and challenging as we ourselves decide to make it…”

Is it possible to summon up the “faith” that this time in your life and the experiences you are presented with are actually opportunities to make your life and the lives of those around you whom you love and care about better, more fulfilling, more fully alive and authentic? Just a couple weeks ago I wrote this as part of a general statement because as far as I can see we are all being presented with an especially intense time of opportunity to identify and perceive that our deepest lifelong wound which we believe has been inflicted by others is actually best healed and resolved by claiming ownership and responsibility of and then taking whatever steps, even if they are baby steps, forward in addressing and resolving them ourselves.

The whole world is having an intense transit reflecting our inner themes represented by Saturn and Pluto occupying both Gates in a Channel of the Human Design chart that is all about “To be or not to be”. They/we are asking the very sober, real, and potentially transformational question ‘Is life worth living or not?’ If it is worth living then what excess needs to be adjusted, trimmed back, curtailed, and balanced and what new ingredient must be added in order to make it healthier and more vital?

By doing this work individually we materially affect our entire environment and make life more healthy and sustainable for our species and the planet. The quickest way to change the world is to change my own perspective and allow myself to change.

If it makes any difference in how you are experiencing this time in your life I would simply say it is not happening to you alone but to all of us in some area of our lives. We are all in this together my friend.”

— at Abundant Gratitude and Wonderment, State of Surrender, Province of the Heart.Image


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