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A Case of You… Emotional Intensity Anyone?

ImageYour favorite(I hope) astrologer chimes in with “this weekend Mercury retrograde then stationing and turning direct makes its’ strongest and most sustained challenging aspect to Uranus. Other notables at 12-13 degrees include Chiron and the Lunar nodes. It is very likely that issues of miscommunication and misunderstanding that have carried on through the last 3 months are beginning to come to the light of consciousness. The Moon, having just entered Capricorn will help to focus and ground energy into the body and as it opposes first Mars and then Jupiter at 4 and 5 Cancer respectively there will be activated and magnified emotional energy readily available.”

As the weekend progresses the Moon makes conjunction to Pluto at 9 Cap, and then opposition to Mercury at 13 Cancer. All this adds up to a weekend brimming full of opportunities to understand where you or others have gone off track in communication and perception, feel very strongly about it, and then take action.

If you have significant personal planets(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and then Jupiter or Saturn if either is the “ruler” of your Ascendant sign) at 12 or 13 degrees, especially of the cardinal signs, it will be felt quite strongly and perhaps disruptively in the areas those planets signify and are house rulers of in your natal astrological chart.

ImageA wonderful Human Design teacher I work with, Zeno of Zen Human Design, was speaking this morning about the combination of two trigrams of the I-Ching. Fire on the bottom which every gate in the emotional center but one, has, and thunder on top. With this energy one can get fired up and then discharge the energy in a bolt of lightning or use the thunder to help to awaken one’s own awareness.

This astrologer would add his own caution and advice. “While it might feel good in the moment to discharge the building emotions by firing off at a family member, someone close, or figure in authority describing the ways they have miscommunicated, mislead, or misread you, the most productive course would be to spend the weekend observing your internal process, contain it inwardly so that it can build and ripen rather than merely dissipate in a display of anger. Then when feeling feet back firmly on the ground, take a deep breath and
make the inward changes you need to make.”



What you leave behind is not what is engraved upon stone monuments,
but what is woven into the lives of others”


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