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Shock and Awe

2015-03-19 12.05.51

In the Human Design chart of this week the Sun in gate 25 – Innocence,  or Turning Away From Falsehood,  connects to Uranus in gate 51 – Shock, or Taking Action.

The whole world has Heart and Ji definition connecting willpower and sense of self direction. It’s the perfect time to blow out the stale corners of our lives. Expect the unexpected for the next 6 days.  Focus on what you have had enough of and what new beliefs you are willing to invite into yourself.  An excellent time to become more authentic and embody your ideal vision and deep truth. Xoxo


Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse/ Uranus -Pluto final square: Sorting It Out – Leaving What’s False Behind

désordreMarch 16 – 20th packs a 1, 2, 3 punch astrologically starting with the final (of 7) Pluto/Uranus squares which have been shaking up and shaking loose the entrenched structures of society and the collective conscious. It continues on the 20th with a Solar Eclipse(new moon) in the final degree of Pisces – sabian symbol: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling a Face is Idealized By a Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, As He Grows Up, He Begins To Look Like It, followed shortly by the Sun’s entry into a new zodiacal journey in Aries heralded as our Spring Equinox.

Everyone I know has been going through a deep process of sorting, whether physically by selling off old homes or ending leases and rentals or discovering health issues and less-than-productive habits which need to be addressed, emotionally by becoming more aware of what is being held onto and causing pain, mentally through discovering old ideas that are suddenly quite out of date, or psychically/spiritually through a recognition of what is no longer true or liberating for ourselves, no matter how cherished any of it may have been in the past.

The dreamtime has been highly charged and filled with images valuable to take note of. As a collective we are all being asked to consciously invoke our ideal and inhabit our most authentic self. This eclipse also makes a highly significant definition in the Human Design system which charges and supports this process. Aligning heart and soul, finding the right balance of our true size, position, ability, and potential, and letting go of what is not true in ourselves becomes the theme of the year ahead. Making time to commit consciously to this process at this time can carry us all forward tremendously quickly at the Speed of Grace.

I have the great pleasure of joining my wildly talented friend and colleague Astrologer/Channel/Teacher Tom Jacobs on his podcast “The Soul’s Journey” to discus this period of activation through our combined lenses of Astrology, Human Design, and Psychic Intelligence and take your live questions!

Frolic with us in time and space on Wednesday March 18th 7pm Pacific time when Hal Bahr of Soul Journey Astrology and Human Design joins up with Tom Jacobs on The Soul’s Journey Podcast


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