Musings from the Human Design 43-23 “Genius to Freak” transit and Solar Eclipse

15 Nov

Today is the final day of an almost week-long Human Design transit of the Sun/Earth into the astrological opposition channel of the “Genius to Freak” 43-23 lighting up the Ajna(mind) center and connecting it directly to the Throat center in a uniquely individual mutative mode. What especially brilliant and or freaky things have you noticed coming out of your mouth or the mouths of your friends, family, and media this week? To add to the power of the message we had a Solar Eclipse in this very channel. The eclipse itself had the Moon and Sun in the 43 which is the gate/hexagram of Resoluteness or Deciding and connecting to the Earth in the 23 of Splitting Apart or Stripping Away. Hillary Barrett‘s I-Ching translation begins with several questions for every hexagram. Of the 43 she asks “What do you stand for?”, “How do you define yourself”, “What belongs in your realm and where do you need to make a clear break?”

The super new moon here indicates we are making powerful and hopefully conscious decisions this week, planting new seeds about who we are and what we are standing for in our lives while the 23 encourages us to go deep, strip our message down to the essential ingredients and let go of the worn-out concepts that are no longer true to who we are. These seed decisions will hold powerful energy over the next 6 months at least and are likely to affect and change our lives in the longer term as they sprout, grow and bear fruit.

I found myself engaged in a debate on Facebook in one of the Human Design group pages about what source material was best to recommend to the beginner. The person asking the question had specifically mentioned a book written by one of my wonderful teachers Chetan Parkyn and asked people’s opinions about it. Human Design was originally channeled through by a man who later changed his name from Krakauer to Ra Uru Hu and Chetan was an early student of his, the first to be certified to teach HD in the U.S. by Ra but later their paths diverged. Part of the growing pains of HD has been a division between those who have followed the teachings of Ra in a purist and I’ll term it religiously dogmatic way and those who have had their own revelations and  taken in the broader(some might say “incorrect”) perspectives and viewpoints of people who once studied with Ra and went on to have their own insights and interpretations such as Chetan, Zeno, Richard Rudd, Kim Gould, Bettina Gribben and others.

There was much written back and forth about the accuracy and clarity of the various sources and a great  undercurrent of  dogmatic intolerance from all positions. Many people standing firm, the 43 in action. Yet for me it brought up not only what I stand for but also what I have stripped away and what I am letting go of, recognition of which seems to have come courtesy of the 23. The resulting discussion led me to write a number of things I want to share with you and I think they are applicable whether you are “into” Human Design or not. It’s about the process of learning and becoming. Here are the two parts I want to share:

“Yes, each of us honoring our integrity and gaining access to insight through the voices we can hear. There are those of us out there(and I DO include myself in that group) That gave whole-hearted and open-minded effort to learning from Ra himself but found too much dissonance and ego static in the voice and phrasing and not enough light. For us it has been a blessing to be able to get the information to begin our own experiments from someone other than Ra. Is it heresy to say that in the beginning I simply couldn’t hear most of his message because the human straight masculine side of him carried so much flawed humanity and its own conditioning that it only triggered me and made it impossible to hear him?

Human Design didn’t come from Ra but rather came through him. Many groundbreaking and revolutionizing concepts have come through channels but one has to discern the difference between the material trying to come forth and the concepts, beliefs, and conditioning experiences of the channel which will color and shape the way the information comes out sometimes twisting it into distortion and narrow interpretation.

One of the great beauties of Human Design is that we can each of us step away from anything we’ve been told, free ourselves from what we have believed in the past, disregard the pressure exerted from those around us and conduct our own experiment. When we believe something to be true the energy of universal attraction will pull people and experiences to us that help to “prove” that belief. But when we open ourselves and our perception past the boundaries of our beliefs amazing new insights and experiences await us.

If I only look one direction I will never know what is standing right next to me waiting to touch me and be discovered. This group is in it’s foundation a small, intelligent, and hopefully compassionate step in the direction of seeking to understand and accept the diversity of possible viewpoint and perception available to everyone who comes to Human Design. There is strength and fertility in diversity so while I may not agree with what others have to write or have some other kind of experience it does not make my viewpoint or experience any more true or valid. It only makes it mine.

Once upon a time I had very strong reactions to what people said or wrote about Human Design. Viewing myself as a warrior of liberation I would strongly oppose what they wrote feeling I needed to “protect”, “correct” or “shield the innocent” (lol!) from practices I saw as damaging. Then I had a realization(thank YOU Levi Lovehammer!). What I realized was that I didn’t trust others to come to the same truth that I had. Not much liberation there! Only an invitation to follow yet another dictator. That distrust is the very antithesis of Human Design and I left it behind. It’s all much more fun and interesting this way and lo and behold I can listen to Ra and find things of value in what he says every now and then.” 😉

Later in the discussion another writer used the apples and oranges metaphor to indicate that Ra’s teachings were the apple and the rest us were oranges and that a person could eat oranges all her life and be told they were apples but they were in fact still oranges which led me to this “freaky” outpouring about the nature of the decisions we make and following our path to enlightenment:

“Use every choice, every experience, every personal interaction and insight to learn knowing there are no mistakes. Then use what we’ve learned to strip away the unnecessary layers allowing ourselves to become authentic. This is where we become powerful, enlightened, and a strong force for positive change in the world. I have long believed (my belief here. lol) that our only real job assignment is to become the most “ourself” we can possibly be. That each one of us is a unique, crucially important, uniquely needed answer to a question that was posed at the moment of our birth. When we come back to ourselves(whether that self is defined or not) we embody that energy, are that answer, and we interact and affect all who come into contact with us and our “light”.

There is a slight good-humored tease I often use with my Buddhist friends(and I was a practicing Buddhist for years). It goes like this: If Buddha became enlightened not by following the path of others but by following his own unique path what makes you think that by following his you will become enlightened?

What makes us have the unfounded worry that by following our own path we will be led astray? Eat an apple, eat an orange, why not a kumquat too or a papaya or rambutan but trust your own taste buds to tell you what is good for you.”

This also brought to mind a quote from my beloved partner “Big Don” Walker in a dance/theater performance titled From the Heart(he was a Heart to Throat manifestor, lol) a number of years before his death. The scene took place in front of a mirror at the ballet barre and Don was practicing plie and tendu while scrutinizing his form and perceiving his faults. As he saw more and more faults he grew smaller and more twisted to great comic effect but then at the end he had a revelation that straightened him right back up and he found his own beautiful shape, line, and form with the statement “I may never be Baryshnikov but neither will he… ever… be ME!” In the immortal words of that unique mortal Oscar Wilde who actually had his conscious personality nodes of the Moon in the 43-23, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

Slipping off the soapbox now and looking forward to tomorrow when this transit will be over and I’ll go back to having a completely open Crown and Ajna no longer with so much mental pressure wanting to express itself. And just look back at all the posts I’ve written here in just the last week or so. A great illustration of a Human Design transit at work.

You can read more from me here on my wordpress blog, and on my website and be my friend at my facebook page(Hal Bahr). If you are interested in learning Human Design from me you can go here, and I am always available for private Human Design, Astrological or my unique combination sessions looking at your natal charts, evolutionary intent, soul purpose, ways to identify and break through blockages, relationships, current trends and future possibilities and more. My services are listed on my website and you can always contact me with observations, questions or appointment requests by emailing or by phoning 541.897.0512


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